So one of my favorite colors right now for nails is pale mint green. So I decided to start my manicure off with Mint Candy Apple by essie. I've also had Across the Universe by DL lying around for a while now that I haven't gotten round to using, but I am so glad I did. I just love DL because of all the layers of glitter and color that are created when you use them. And then of course I had to add a little something extra (because I just can't leave manicures alone) so I did a kind of opposite moon manicure (not exactly sure of the correct terminology) on all my finger. Oh yeah and added some tape for funsies. 
anywaysss enjoy!
So this manicure is definitely a change from the last one. Since that one was a little OTT I decided to tone this one down a bit. I haven't used the leopard stamper yet so I decided to give it a go with Barry M silver foil on Nail Pop petticoat. I added a little stripe with OPI stranger tides just because I just can't seem to leave things ago. woops. 
Also I'm super pumped because I ordered two American Apparel neons and I just can't wait till they arrive! 
So I must admit this is one of my least favorite manicures... I almost wasn't going to post it but I thought what the hell. So anyways I started off with a palette of gold and black and muted colors and basically just ended doing random crap on them. I was partially inspired by the awesome and this particular nail wheel;
I was too lazy to swatch these colors and take loads of here ya guys go;
lastly, I ran out of nail polish so I guess these bad boys are here to stay until I get some.
So as the first "official" manicure of this new blog, I decided to make one inspired by the blog's design. So I gathered the colors I thought would be appropriate for this inspired manicure and got to work.
I started off with a white base...
I then did a gradual pink gradient, getting dark at the tips and using the fluorescent pink acrylic as the darkest color. 
I even added neon pink under the tips. (my first time trying this and I think it looks pretty awesome, pictures don't do it justice)
I finished off the look with a nail head inspired mint green triangle. 
Okay so this is my first post (as the title suggests above). Right now it feels like I am talking to myself (which I probably am, cause I'm pretty sure no one is reading this). 
This blog has been timed perfectly with my most favorite manicure ever....luckily it has lasted since last week so I could photograph it especially for this first post. woohooo.

It all started when I found the most amazing skin tone polish everrr. Nail pop- petticoat. The accent nail has actually lasted through two manicures. Enjoy!


    Helloo nail heads!
    Let me just start by saying I am by no means a lacquerista goddess....I am merely a graphic university student who has acquired a recent obsession with all things nails. 
    It all started with a couple bottles of nail polish and has blossomed into a collection of polishes, nail brushes, dotting tools, and stamping supplies. 
    So after a while browsing various nail sites, and discovering how many other people shared my passion I decided to start up this nail blog to keep track of my ever-changing nails. 


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